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Is your Dog Begging for Training?

Board and Train School

The Alpha Dogs Program
Pet owners frequently do not have the time nor the necessary skills to effectively obedience train the family dog.  We offer busy pet owners the solution of having a professional train their dog for them.  Our results-oriented, fully customizable board and train program is designed to ensure your desired obedience and manners are achieved during your dog’s 1 to 3 week stay with us.

Alpha Dogs professionals can train your dog to any one or all three levels of obedience and manners:

·  Puppy Imprinting

·  Basic Manners and Obedience

·  Advanced, Off-leash Level Obedience for rock solid control


Each Program Includes
Multiple focused training sessions each day, plenty of exercise on our 35 acre facility, personalized overnight care, and extensive follow-up lessons and class work to help you maintain your dog’s new, positive skills.

Follow up Lessons and Classes
Once your dog has been trained to our high standards, it’s time to teach you how to communicate effectivly and maintain what your dog has learned from us.

We consider owner education to be the most important part of this comprehensive program.  We'll teach you how to enforce your dog’s new training for the program to be truly successful.  Board and Train programs include three private follow up lessons; one at the completion of the training program, a second lesson one week later and a third in your home where your dog is in his or her natural environment.

We also invite you and your dog to attend our group classes to practice your new skills in a distractive environment.

Expect impressive results!

The Puppy Imprinting program

Give your puppy the best possible start in life.  An Alpha Dogs professional will teach your puppy excellent manners and obedience skills from day one - before misbehaviors begin! 

This course is specially designed for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age.  We take advantage of this all-important developmental stage and teach your puppy how to respect all humans and to comprehend basic obedience commands and have good manners.  At the end of your puppy’s one week program with us, he or she will have an understanding of how to perform the following skills and manners:

·   Sit

·    Down

·     Come

·   Close (loose leash walking)

·     No biting

·    No jumping

·   No bolting out doorways

·    kennel up

We use positive, motivational methods so that your dog enjoys being obedient!  We also socialize extensively with other fully vaccinated, friendly dogs and cats during your puppy’s stay with us.  1 week program $425.


The Basic Boot Camp Program
Let an Alpha Dogs professional trainer give your dog a solid understanding of the all-important foundational commands upon which all future obedience is built.  By the end of your dog’s two to three week stay, it will have a solid understanding of how to successfully perform the following commands while on leash and under distraction:

Sit and stay to politely accept petting and for control at the door

30-45 minute Down/stay

30-45 minute Placement command (stay within a defined boundary until released)

Come when called to a front sit

Walk on a loose leash

Kennel up for control in and out of the kennel

Release command

For dogs 4 months and older 2-3 week program $895.


Off-Leash Control Program
This program gives your dog a more solid understanding of each command taught in the Basic Boot Camp program and how to perform them while while off leash.  3 Private lessons post training are included in this program to teach owners how to enforce their pet’s new skills.  Owners are also welcome to attend intermediate level classes to further solidify the training.

For dogs that have completed the Basic Boot Camp or have equivalent training as determined by evaluation.  3 week program $1200.

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